Because I’m Sad

We took the “littles” out for dinner last night as a good bye, we’ll see you in a month celebration. You see, Grandpa and I retire for a month to warmer climates. You know….sun, warmth and…well, you get the idea.

Driving to our destination we started our favorite jingle: “I’m so hungry I could eat a ____”, and we were all happy.  In a moment of silence the 7 year old started a conversation about sadness.  She stated how sad she was that mommy and daddy were getting a divorce. We acknowledged her feelings and remained quiet. She said she gets to go to a lady at the same place her dad goes, to talk about feelings. She wondered what that would be like. I told her it would be a safe place where she could share her sadness or any emotion she was feeling. One of the coolest things about it would be that only she and the lady would know what she talked about unless the lady felt she was in danger. She then asked if she could say bad words in these sessions. This from a kid who , to the best of my knowledge, has never had a swear word cross her lips. I responded with a yes, she probably could, but she might want to talk to the counselor about that!

She is sad. She is irritable and easy to cry. She says she doesn’t feel good physically. She has reason to feel this way. Her world as she has always known it is coming to an end. She is sensitive so I’m guessing telling mom she misses daddy feels like a betrayal. I am glad she talks to us and shares her feelings. I am glad she will be getting counseling. But like any parent or grandparent we don’t want our kids/littles to hurt.

My sweet “little”, I am sad too. Just remember , we love you, we are here for you whether you are happy or sad. Our home will always be a safe place to land.


Sometimes we’re the engine, sometimes we’re the caboose

Tonight was kids choice and we were designated the caboose! The “littles” were excited to be here, as they had been with the other grandparents for 2 weeks. Let me tell you, even the 3 year old knows when date night happens!! After a dinner of steak with “ketchup sauce”, a.k.a. Hungarian goulash, the engine took off! A BIG microwave box turned magically into a rocket ship! A few pieces of yellow and orange construction paper and some glue and we had fire to launch the rocket! Some markers and we had all the inside mechanisms to launch! Heck, what’s NASA have on us that a couple of red buttons and a steering wheel can’t fix.

Kids have wonderful imaginations and it is amazing to watch them when they are allowed the freedom to do and to be. This child driven activity kept them occupied for quite some time. We remained hands off unless called upon to enter outer space. The cooperation between the 7 and 3 year old was a delight to watch! That certainly doesn’t happen every date night!

Until next weeks date night….

The best laid plans

I intended to start this in June as soon as this site had been set up. But life interfered! My son’s family splintered .  We spent the summer and fall helping our “littles” and their father put their lives and home back together.  We just did our best to support them  and let them  know that when they were in our home things would be stable and consistent.

The adventures will start on the 6th, the first date night of 2016! The “littles” have been gone for a few weeks and we can’t wait to see them!



We are grandparents in love with the children we call the “littles”. We have a weekly date night, sleep overs, and even short vacations with them. My background is in Elementary Education, which helps keep things fun and interesting.  Stay tuned for some great craft and baking ideas, book recommendations, grandparent musings and so much more!!